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Self-inquiry Private Session

Who are you.

Breathwork Private Session

What lies beneath.

Breathwork Class

One breath.


Self-inquiry is a contemplative exploration of the essential nature of our self. Everyone has the sense of ‘being myself’, but not everyone knows themselves clearly. In most cases, our sense of self is mixed up with the content of experience, and, as a result, its natural condition of peace and happiness is veiled.


But as we gradually unveil the identification with mind, we begin to see that the happiness that we have searched for outside of ourselves all these years, requires no more than the simplest of understanding. An understanding that is so intimate that it is easily eclipsed by one’s metal activity. But all that is necessary to access our inherent happiness is to go directly into the depths of our being, behind the obscuring layers of thought and feeling. This is the great understanding that everyone should have from an early age. What could be more important in life than to know that we are already that for which we long for? That highest truth is that peace and happiness is who we truly are.


What’s the first step in getting out of jail? Realizing that one is in jail. The jail of identification with your mind, the jail of a limiting belief system, or past trauma that acts as the unseen rudder within your personal life. 


These thought patterns and energies aren’t always seen but still operate within our subconscious. And as long as the subconscious remains buried, it will continually play out in our lives, and we will call it fate. 


Breathwork brings limiting thought patterns to light. It also allows us to release repressed traumas stored at a cellular level within our bodies. In short, it creates space so that we can observe our lives free from emotional attachment and provide the necessary clarity we’ve been longing for.


My Unfolding

Originally from South Texas, Branton moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. After working on over 50 TV shows, as well as becoming a personal trainer to Oscar winners, professional athletes and the world's top models, Branton stumbled into a Breathwork class, changing the trajectory of his life. Now after having practiced Breathwork and teaching for years, bringing Mindfulness and Breathwork  to others has become Branton's driving purpose in life.


Benifits of Breathwork

Profound immediate stress release

Eliminate chronic pain

Helps with depression and anxiety

Increase energy and boost immune system

Releases trauma and fear

Explore altered states of consciousness

Increases self-love, self-esteem and confidence

Improve sleep

"Smile. You get to be you."

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